A fantastic Journey through South-Mexico !!!

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We leave Mexico-city behind us and set off to Taxco, the silver-city.




Taxco existed already before the Spanish conquest and the Indians called the place Tlachcotecopan. Then already there were silver mines. But the Spaniards were very rapid. Already after 1 year the Spaniards discovered the mines and founded then the city Taxco. The mines those one exploit were small, but in the 18th century they discovered very rich silver mines. Even today there are still mines in operation.
The centre of the city is dominated by the Santa Prisca church.

The city has 18th century irradiation. Since Taxco is a national sanctuary, everything that will be built, must have this 18th century irradiation.

Characterizing for Taxco are thus the white houses with red roofs.


The local market of Taxco. This one is rather large and runs through all the small little streets. We notice that the majority of the market is covered.
One of the characteristic streets of Taxco.

The Iglesia de Santa Prisca built in 1758.

One claimed that in the church 23 ton of gold leaf is processed and that everything is still original. We see the two, 40 meters high, baroque towers.

Photograph under: In the church. There was just a mass going on.

Once again the church. Taxco knows approximately about 300 silver-stores!!

O yes, we have also visited a "so-called" silver mine in a shop. We must walk downstairs to end up in a kind of cave where they dig the silver. Here and there gems are placed. The explainer tells us about the different types of silver. The qualities of silver in object varies of .925 .950 to .975 therefore almost pure silver.

There are 2 types of silver alloys: alloy with copper or an alloy with zinc.

That with copper will shine a little bit more, but gets a black rash after a while. Silver with zinc does not have this but is much more expensive. Of course they request us to take a look at everything they are selling. But how do you separate real from false? Well, that's difficult. The explainer let us hear the sound of 3 different kinds of goblets. One expects that the sound must be clear and bright, but that is not true. The sound is dull. So a real silver goblet sounds dull.

But with a teaspoon of course you cannot test it with that method, for this reason he mentioned the silver stamps. There are 3 authenticity stamps. If they all three are marked on an object then you know for almost 100% certainty that it is real.


Okay... ¡Vámonos!  we go to Puebla.

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