A fantastic Journey through South-Mexico !!!

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  Doodskop uit museum







  El Museo Nacional de Antropología  


Maya pots


Emperor Cuauhtémoc, successor of Moctezuma. Cuauhtémoc was the last Aztec emperor. He has been tortured by the Spanish to force him to tell the place where the royal treasures were hidden.



Obsidian knives which one used for ritual ceremonies.

  The God Xipe Totec.
The priests flayed of the skin of human sacrifices. Those little grease balls can be from the inner site of the skin, bit it can also represent grains of gold because Xipe Totec is also the patron saint of the gold adaptors. Putting on the cut down skin, of the sacrificed one, as a garb, should be representing the birth of new life.


Piedra del Sol. (Stone of the sun)
A monument depicting the sun god Tonatiuh. Human sacrifices dedicated to Tonatiuh were carried out on this monument, where he appears in a lot of conformations. The stone carries several signs which mark the years. It is therefore a type of calendar. The Toltec's had 2 types of years in their daily life: A solar year of 365 days, and a religious year of 260 days. The course of the years coincides once in the 52 years. The Aztecs feared a possible destruction of their world once in the 52 years, according to their belief. The stone of the sun weighs 24 ton.

Go with the mouse over the picture to SEE the original colors !!!



  An Olmec head.
Olmecs were the first large civilization in Mexico.
Most known of the Olmecs are the amazing heads of basalt that are cut out at one piece. The one you see at the left is about 2 meters high!!
One suspected that those heads represents Olmecs dominators.



Wrestlers !!



     Tlaloc, de rain god


 Jade stone mask.

Jade-stone is a stone type who was reserved to the Maya-elite. It was a very precious trade product. They made jewels, ritual objects and dead masks of jade.












A model of Tenochtitlán, with above it the city such as Hernandez Cortés saw it as he arrived in 1519. Tenochtitlan was the capital of the Aztecs and lay on an island in the lake of  Texcoco. After conquest and destruction of the city, on that same place was build the present-day Mexico-city. During time the lake was filled up.

Souvenir bought in Monte Albán.



The entrance of the room " De Mexica " (Mexica = Aztecs) with on the background The Stone of the Sun.


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